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When you stay with us at Happy Holiday Campground, you are literally taking part in a cultural event. Cherokee, North Carolina is an area steeped in rich traditions stretching back centuries, as evidenced by stone tools and spear points dating back to the last Ice Age, more than 11,000 years ago.

More than a thousand years ago the Cherokees controlled more than 140,000 square miles of land spread over eight states. The Cherokee culture stressed living in harmony with nature and family. The wonderful and abundant land furnished food, shelter, clothing and anything needed for a tranquil, peaceful life placing family and traditional values first. The great Cherokee Sequoyah introduced ‘syllabary’ , the Cherokee alphabet, which formed the basis of the written language which made reading and writing in the Cherokee language possible. It was the only time in recorded history that a member of a formerly illiterate people created such a system, and it is used to this day.

IMG_2103In 1838 the tragic ‘Trail of Tears’ ultimately forced the Cherokees from their native land to Oklahoma. Thousands of Cherokees who endured this relocation died from diseases unknown to them and from exposure to the harsh elements, as well as, the shock of separation from the land that had been their home for centuries.


Cherokee, North Carolina today is populated with descendants who either hid in the mountains or who eventually returned to the native land from Oklahoma. They have created what is recognized today as a sovereign nation the ‘Cherokee Indian Reservation’, covering over 100 square miles. This is a land of proud people who to this very day uphold the tradition of harmony with the land and ‘family first’. In Cherokee, North Carolina today, you will find unbelievable natural beauty in a land and culture of many riches that simply must be experienced to be appreciated.

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Happy Holiday Campground is situated on 40 acres of spectacular land.
Completely surrounded by mountain streams, we have become a fisherman’s paradise and a tubers delight. As has been the tradition of our proud heritage, ‘Family First’, we extend the same honor to our RV ‘families’. You see, Happy Holiday Campground is not just a place to stay, we want it to be your destination. We hope to see you soon, so that you may, experience our unique setting, our diverse and rich cultural traditions, our hospitality and our Cherokee spirit. Happy Camping.

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